Circuito respiratorio adulto Mega Acer Kit®

– The Mega Acer Kit® provides heated and humidified anesthetic gases by making fluid warm in order to prevent intraoperative hypothermia
– Automatic system to make and maintain desired temperature, moisture and warming fluidAdvantages
– Fluid warming through the heated wire integrated in the circuit
– Keeps fluids warm, between 30 – 36°C
– Automatic system to make and maintain desired temperature & moisture
– Easy to use : less time to set up and easy to disconnect from the patient
– Absorbable cotton for fast and effective heating and humidification
– Protect anesthesia machine from inflow of humidity
– Help using less soda lime and saving cost
– Prevent cross and secondary contamination
SpecificationMega Acer kit

TypeAdult, Child
Length120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 240cm
DescriptionMask Elbow, Extra Bag Line, Multifunction Filter, CO₂Line, Extension Tube, Distilled Water, Face Mask, Breathing Bag


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