Silla de traslado de interior TWEEGY

Tweegy Is The Simplest Transfer Chair Ever Designed
Small, slot-in and very simple to use, Tweegy is the solution that facilitates your transfers and eases the organisation for all. Having visited more than 50 health establishments,
Promotal concentrated on designing a transfer chair adapted and adaptable to the needs of both staff and patients. Entirely configurable and accessorizable, the Tweegy evolves and will evolve with your needs!
Tweegy, make it easy!

The Standard Features Of The Tweegy :
Anchos de tapicería de 47 o 60 cm
Estructura de acero electrocincado con acabado epoxi gris claro
Barra de empuje con acabado epoxi
Respaldo y asiento con revestimiento ignífugo de clase M1 sin costuras
Portafichas para pacientes
Cesta de la ropa
Adjustable arm rests with stopper
Retractable footrest with bilateral control
Front shock absorbers
Rear castors ø 300mm with centralized brakes
Front castors ø 100mm – ball bearing
58cm seat height

Tweegy Transfert Chair Product Features
Easier handling with accessories directly integrated into the chair
No need to lean down thanks to action zones placed in the correct places
Seat back and seat recline designed for optimal patient comfort
Vertical handles for all morphology types
Centre of gravity to the rear for easier manoeuvring

Stackable enabling space gains of up to 48%
Versatile product thanks to a wide range of accessories that can be added now or later
Eco-responsible chair that can be transported dismantled (volume divided by 2 for transport)
Development in collaboration with a team of designers for a timeless aspect
Solid, durable materials
Non structural upholstery (available as an accessory)

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