Orthopedic insole manufacturing grinding unit Gravity 600

ATTRACTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL (600 W) ERGONOMIC AND QUIET WIDE-VIEW ANTISTATIC PLEXIGLAS HOOD FOR EXCELLENT VISIBILITY OF THE WORK AREA LED-LIT WORK AREA INTEGRATED STORAGE TRAY FOR ACCESSORIES WIDE GRINDING AREA Enclosed grinder without vacuum extraction. 2 grinding stations: – I – – Station 1 on the right (facing the grinder): manual self-locking mandrel to which different grinder accessories can be fitted. – – Station 2 on the left (facing the grinder): rubber expanding wheel (0 90 mm), width 100 mm, designed to hold abrasive belts. Attractive and functional (600 W) – – Fully enclosed unit: optimum dust management and work area cleanliness – – Sealed unit – – Wide-view antistatic Plexiglas” cover – – Integrated storage tray – – Integrated LED lights – – Quiet operation – – Uncluttered working area: generous guard clearance – – Table-top design (optional stand available) Maintenance – – Choice of 2 dust management modes: storage – w drawer or plastic collection bag PR0DUCT ADVANTAGES – – Grinding belts can be changed without use of a tool. – – Storage shelf with adjustable feet to adjust grinding wheel height (optional). – – Grinding wheel height adjustable from 115 to 135 cm above fkxx height. Gravity 600 Grinder only (without shelf unit / without feet) PPGTOURGRAV600SP (Dofvarod without ocœssonos) 1 year garantec Full Gravity 600 grinder (with shelf unit and 2 sets of feet) PPGTOURGRAV600AP (Dofvarod without ocœssonos)


Nota: Estimado cliente le informamos que el tiempo de entrega es de 30 a 45 días hábiles y la disponibilidad de los artículos cotizados dependen del manufacturador de los mismos.

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