Sellador térmico para fabricación de plantillas ortopédicas VACUFORM

Vacuform combines a crimping plate, a heat shield, a digital control Panel with LCD display and two exterior vacuum outlets in a single compact concept. HIGH PERFORMANCE VACUUM Vacuform incorporates an innovative “maxpress” system based on a high performance, maintenance-free vacuum pump that provides optimum vacuum levels for perfect blending and adaptation of any type of material. It also allows the vacuum to be carried out simultaneously in the upper chamber and outside outlets. MULTIPOINT HEATING The heat plate has a high quality non-stick and is made of aluminum, reinforced with titanium particles that absorbs the energy to the maximum, heats up quickly and distributes the heat optimally throughout the working surface (360×270 mm.)


Nota: Estimado cliente le informamos que el tiempo de entrega es de 30 a 45 días hábiles y la disponibilidad de los artículos cotizados dependen del manufacturador de los mismos.

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