Adult manual resuscitator COMBIBAG

USD $321.00

Optimized Manual Ventilation
COMBIBAG bag-valve mask

With COMBIBAG, you can quickly adapt the tidal volume for ventilation to the relevant patient group (children/adult) by simply rotating the bag. This means you only need one bag for all your patients, which saves space and money.

Top Facts
2-in-1 bag-valve mask for different patient groups
Safety valve with 2 pressure levels for mask and tube ventilation
Easy to clean and disinfect

COMBIBAG Resuscitator
The unique technology of COMBIBAG, the 2-in-1 resuscitator for adults and children, means you have always got the right resuscitator ready to hand. By simply turning the bag through 180°, you can vary the volumes and adapt the tidal volume to the needs of the respective patient automatically and quickly.The safety valve limits the ventilation pressure and protects the patient. Regardless of whether you are ventilating via tube or mask, COMBIBAG means you gain time, have more space in your emergency case and can also save costs as well.

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