Reusable medical gown

USD $9.99

Material: SBPP / PE / SMS
Bracket size: 110cm * 142cm; 115cm * 155cm;
Gram weight: 25gsm and more
Color: Blue Pattern: Elastic / Knitted Cuffs; Neck and waist ties
Isolation gowns are made of high quality non-woven fabric. Offers affordable, comfortable and reliable protection. Elasticated cuffs for a perfect fit under gloves. Stitched seams provide superior strength. These are latex free. Isolation gowns are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They cover your body and clothing and create a physical barrier for the transfer of microorganisms and other materials. The gown is made of various lightweight materials that ensure fluid resistance These disposable isolation gowns are ideal for (D / EN / T / AL and H / O / S / P / I / T / A / L) scenes Crime and Forensic Sciences Projects on the University Campus, Painting and Kitchen Use. Tie closure at the back.

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