Brachytherapy afterloader Flexitron®

“Treatment delivery
Safe, simple, intuitive brachytherapy workflow

Five simple features are the basis for the Flexitron way of working, introducing a new standard in treatment delivery

Standardized transfer lengths, less prone to human errors during reconstruction as there is only one indexer length.
Reference zero at entrance of applicator, no need to measure the distal tip.
Metric dwell position numbering, 1 mm step size in a treatment window of 400 mm.
Forward stepping results in a reproducible source positioning within 0,5mm accuracy
Intuitive user interface, smooth navigation saves time.
Why Flexitron?
Simple quality assurance
40-channel option for large implants
Connected to major oncology systems such as MOSAIQ®
Safe investment with future upgrade potential
Available in either Iridium-192 or Cobalt-60*

Flexitron treatment delivery
Elekta’s afterloading platforms have established an unparalleled reputation for
reliability, safety and performance in treatment delivery. Their all-in-one versatility
and unmatched flexibility prove their value on a daily basis in the majority of
brachytherapy institutes around the world.
The new ‘Safety through simplicity’ Flexitron family is designed for safety and better
team efficiency. With more logic and fewer variables, the Flexitron afterloading
platform optimizes the treatment delivery process and offers you a safe investment
for today and in the future.”


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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