Cardiac stimulation lead Eledyn 2/FX

USD $967.00

Temporary stimulation probes Eledyn 2/FX bipolar temporary stimulation probes Bipolar pacing lead for temporary stimulation of heart especially in emergency cases of bradycardial arrhythmias or for recording intercardiac ECGs. Eledyn 2/FX is a high quality bipolar intracardiac lead for cost effective temporary pacing and electrophysiology studies. Eledyn 2/FX product range Eledyn 2/FX is available in sizes ranging from 4F to 6F and comes in either a straight orpreformed C version. Recommended Introducer for F6 probes Intradyn Tear Away F6. Advantages – excellent flexibility and pushability – individual ductility due to memory effect – radiopaque catheter body – made of antithrombogenic Polyamid – free of toxic plasticizers – excellent torqueability, shapeability

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