Cervical cytology brush 02236 Series

USD $76.00

“Product Information
022361 MedGyn Cell Sweep Non-Sterile (100/Pack)
022361K MedGyn Cell Sweep Non-Sterile with Kit (Slide and Slide Holder) (100/Pack)
022363 MedGyn Cell Sweep Sterile (100/Pack)
022363K MedGyn Cell Sweep Sterile with Kit (Slide and Slide Holder) (100/Pack)
022362 MedGyn Cell Sweep Slide Holder (100/Pack)

The MedGyn Cell Sweep Pap Smear device simultaneously samples both the endocervix and ectocervix eliminating the need for both a Cytobrush and Spatula.

Product Features
Dual sampling of endo and ectocervix utilizing one device
Separation of endo and ectocervical cells in a one-slide technique
Minimizes false negatives
Eliminates need for deep endocervical cell harvesting
Minimizes red blood cell and blood artifact”

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