Computer-based vision screener CGT-2000

The CGT-2000 detects even the subtle changes in visual function that would be missed by visual acuity tests.

The CGT-1000, which had been well received by many practices and medical facilities including university hospitals, has evolved into an advanced model, the CGT-2000 incorporating various customers’ feedback.
The CGT-2000 is particularly useful and effective in pre-/post-cataract surgery diagnosis and follow-up observations subsequent to refractive surgery.

Binocular Testing Capability
While monocular testing provides assessment of each eye, it does not reflect how well patients actually see objects in everyday life. As the CGT-2000 can test patients with both eyes open, it provides assessment of their visual function close to real-world conditions.

Variable Test Distance
Test distance can now be selected from the following four settings: 30cm, 60cm, 1m, or 5m, allowing measurement of contrast sensitivity at a near, intermediate or far point. This will provide detailed assessment of patient’s ‘quality of vision’ for more precise diagnosis.
This function is also useful in measuring contrast sensitivity in patients with multifocal intraocular lens.

Testing under Various Light Conditions (Luminance Levels of Test Target Background)
Testing can now be done under various light conditions: day, twilight, night, or examiner specified.
This will provide assessment of patient’s functional vision under conditions close to their everyday environment.

Database Storage
By simply entering a patient ID and a date of birth (or age group), the patient’s data will be stored in the device.


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