Diagnostic audiometer SIBELSOUND 400

Description The SIBELSOUND 400, is a revolutionary two-channel audiometer. The entire system is controlled by Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for reliable, quick and easy audiometric exploration of hearing thresholds and screening tests, such as suprathreshold pure tone tests. The SIBELSOUND 400 audiometer was developed by SIBEL, S.A.U. RDI department in collaboration with the Surgery Department (Ear, Nose and Throat and Audiology) of the University of Barcelona and well-known specialists in the field, in accordance with standard criteria of both national institutions such as the UNE and international institutions such as the IEC, ISO, etc. Main Features Advanced digital technology based on DSP Calculation of hearing loss and diagnosis Internal database > 1000 tests Suprathreshold tests High frequency Musical frequencies Automatic masking Connectivity with other management systems (EMR – Electronic Medical Record) Customizable *see configurations Communications One of the great qualities of the SIBELSOUND 400, is a communications system with other equipment that allows it to.


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