Digestive endoscopy endoscopy capsule MC1200B

USD $3,400.00

The innovative MiroCam capsule endoscope is designed for visualization of the small bowel mucosa for suspected Crohn’s disease, lesions that may be the source of overt or occult GI bleeding, and iron deficiency anemia (IDA). It is the first endoscopy system with E-field propagation (HBC), a patented technology that utilizes the human body as a communication medium. This unique approach results in the highest image resolution and the longest operating time for a more complete and accurate diagnosis of the small bowel and beyond. MiroCam offers best-in-class performance at a lower overall cost. MC1200B                                                                                                                • Patented HBC technology is considered safer because it minimizes the chance of interference with devices like pacemakers, defibrillators and LVADs.                                                                                • Smaller capsule size Is easier to swallow and minimizes the chance of retention. (actual size: 10.8 x 24.5 mm)                                                                                                                                              • 320×320 pixel resolution provides superior clarity and high definition images.                                    • Precision optics and six LEDs provide exceptional viewing and illumination.                                      • 170° field of view allows greater mucosal visualization and diagnostic capability.                                • Higher average frame rate renders more images per study, which enhances the visual experience and reduces the chance of missing lesions.                                                                                            • 12-hour operation time results in the ability to view images without worry of an incomplete examination.                                                                                                                                            • Sterile, disposable patient belt is light and comfortable, providing a better patient experience.          • Data Recorder with real-time viewer has a large 4” LCD screen and 15-minute upload time

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