Digestive endoscopy endoscopy capsule

Capsule Endoscopy Platform Welcome to the new chapter in Capsule Endoscopy. OMOM Capsule Endoscopy platform delivers a combination of ergonomic design,excellent image quality and friendly, highly efficient working experience.Collaborations between physicians and engineers bring in a result that is truly in-spirational and second to none. Capsule The new capsule’s enclosure is light and compact, yet harborsan incredible image sensor with increased view angle, morenatural toning and detailed image. It increases the battery life of more than 12 hours. LED lightsystem ensures even light distribution and optimal illumina-tion. Recorder A robust belt antenna system fits the human contour comfort-ably and saves preparation time. You can use the recorder to pair capsule without the need forcomputer as well as view real-time images.


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