Digital mobile radiography unit EASY MOVING

The new mobile radiographic system EASY MOVING is an integrated Battery Assisted RAD mobile. This system provides the solutions demanded by any Clinic and Hospital.
The system has the most innovative Battery Assisted High Frequency Generator that permits High Output Power independently from the mains. It is rechargeable from any standard power socket.

Uses: Any of the Hospital areas: surgical rooms, intensive care, emergency, etc.
Design: Excellent operability and maneuverability. Ergonomic + Flexibility + Friendly use.

The DIGITAL Radiographic Mobile System, EASY MOVING allows us the maneuverability and operability that the new Clinics and Hospitals demand.

Thanks to the new Telescopic Column, this X-ray mobile can access anywhere and allows the professional a complete visibility and safety when driving the system.

The most innovative technology application for the High Frequency X-ray Generator, which permits high constant output power from any standard power socket or without it (Stand Alone). Thanks to the batteries charger, the generator can be operated for a long period of time in any Clinic or Hospital area, Operating Rooms, Intensive Care, Emergency, etc.

Images can be obtained with the patient in the sitting, standing or lying position. Examinations can be performed to any kind of patient group. Patients may be physically able, disabled, immobilized or in a state of shock.
The most powerfull Generator in the market with multiple advanced functionalities:

High frequency constant potential.
Self-diagnosis indicators identify malfunctions in the system.
Tube protection circuitry prolongs Tube life and increases system performance.


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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