Echocardiography examination table QUEST

Facilitate Your Cardiology Examinations With Quest Cardio
The Promotal Quest Cardio is an electric variable height cardiology examination couch. Designed based on the reference Quest exam couch, it allows for extreme ease of use. Patient welcome is particularly favoured thanks to its large variable height amplitude and its adjustable backrest.

Ideal for numerous types of cardiology examinations, such as electrocardiograms (ECG), the lateral cut-out on the Quest Cardio exam couch is particularly useful for examinations such as: Echo-cardiograms, mammography…To ease your patients, the Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions available depending on the model are particularly useful.

The Quest Cardio Exam Couch, Specialised For Cardiology And Extremely Versatile
Supreme stability, lateral cut-out for cardio, up to 200kg capacity, electric Trendelenburg-reverse Trendelenburg system, variable height from 54cm to 94cm, extra wide upholstery optional… The Quest Cardio was designed for cardiologists. It is suitable for all types of cardiology and general examinations.

Customise your Quest Cardio exam couch to your choice of colours and select the options and accessories to help you work in the best conditions.

Info: Thanks to its variable height system – a Promotal design – and its large modularity, the Quest Cardio will protect you from Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD).

The Standard Features Of The Quest Cardio
Lateral cut-out for cardiology examinations
Upholstery width 65cm
Electric variable height from 54 to 94cm
Gas-spring or electric-spring assisted adjustable backrest
Hand or foot control


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