Electric stimulator INTELECT MOBILE 2 COMBO

ntelect Mobile 2 takes electrotherapy to the next level. The Mobile 2 comes in multiple configurations: electro stimulation only, ultrasound only or a combo device that combines both modalities.

Intelect Mobile 2 COMBO

The Intelect Mobile 2 COMBO is a two-channel electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and Combo system used with or without an optional Cart, allowing for the inclusion of a Vacuum module.
For combo therapy 5 waveforms are included for use: Interferential, VMS,High Volt, Asymmetric biphasic TENS and Symmetric biphasic TENS.
There is fully functional 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies and two channels of electrical stimulation output.
This equipment is to be used only under the prescription and supervision of a licensed medical practitioner.
The intuitive user interface, quick access buttons and preset protocols means the Mobile 2 is both simple and effective for therapy delivery. The optional built in battery makes the Intelect Mobile 2 a truly mobile option


Full colour 7″ high resolution touch screen
Upgradable software : future proof technology
Import / Export capability (Bluetooth)
Treatment data storage
Ergonomic design
Lightweight and mobile with ergonomically designed handle
Optional custom carry case available for safe and secure transport
Optional cart with storage drawers and large wheels
Home use: compliant with IEC 60601-1-11, can be used for treatment in the patients’ home

Intelligent interface with touch buttons and interactive lights indicating status of device or port


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