Emergency bag Oxivac Rescue

USD $531.21

Oxivac Rescue bag offers a perfect carrying solution. It comes in blue color shade coated with PVC resin and a combination of an antistatic matt PVC black canvas. Woven with 1800 high tenacity nylon thread with 250 blue nylon inner lining coated in PVC 183 and padded to 5 mm . The bag contains a detachable reinforced polymer hook for oxygen bottle. The bag can be safely sealed with high resistance IKK nickel-plated zippers. The 4 cm polyvinyl handle straps and polypropylene straps can be used for gripping or fastening. The 43 x 27 x 9 cm large frontal bag contains several net compartments, 2 side bags with zippers, 2 areas with areas with elastic rubber bands at 3 cm spacing for carrying any semiautomatic defibrillator, elastic rubber bands spaced out provides a tight grip, 24 x 11 x 3 cm bag on top for storing smaller items with 3 cm spaced out elastic rubber bands and 2 handles for carrying and transportation.

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