ENT examination chair SIT 4

“SIT 4 – The ENT treatment and examination chair

The examination and treatment chair SIT 4 combines slim clean design with full functionality and ergonomics: a result of elaborated design and 15 years of continuous development. With its sophisticated features, it presents itself as a stylish full-function chair.
The use of high quality materials, precise workmanship and strengthening particularly exposed seat-parts ensure the longevity of the SIT 4 even under heavy use in clinics and medical practices.
Optionally are functions are electric motor operated, on request by remote control.
A special feature of the SIT 4 is the sloping telescopic column, as a result of which the patient is automatically brought towards the doctor when the chair is raised. This ensures even better access to the patient.
The version with 30 cm lifting range ensures to use the chair for adults as well as for children without special seats. The height of the treatment chair is easily adjusted using the footswitches built into both sides of the base plate. There is also the option of an external footswitch.”


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