Evac Chair Emergency Evacuation Chair MK-4

USD $1,839.77

• Homes of people with limited disability
• Homes of children or the elderly
• Patients under 400 pounds
• Offices or businesses, especially where people who are mobility-impaired visit, especially nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and hospitals
• Multi-living homes such as dorm rooms and assisted living facilities
• Large venues such as arenas, concert halls, stadiums, and more
• Product Description
• The chair weighs only 19 pounds, but is able to withstand a 400* pound weight capacity. The EVAC+CHAIR® 300H is safe, easy to use and super lightweight.

An emergency evacuation is something we hope never happens in our homes or businesses, but it is important to be prepared in case an evacuation is necessary. When you are in that situation having the correct equipment on hand and ready to operate is key. In any building where elderly or low mobility people are present, it is incredibility important to have the tools necessary to quickly evacuate them in any case of emergency.

The Evac+Chair is the best way to ensure everyone gets out safely during an evacuation, including those who may be physically disabled, injured, or otherwise immobile. Without the proper equipment to assist these people an emergency evacuation can become chaotic and stressful. Luckily, the world’s number one stairway evacuation chair has created their most innovative chair yet in the Evac+Chair 300H.

Now including the exclusive dual position seat technology for ultimate comfort and mobility, the Evac+Chair’s 300H model is equipped to handle all of your safety evacuation needs. The dual position seat is the only one like it on the market; it allows you to adjust to a flat or hammock style seat as is more appropriate or comfortable for the passenger. As you may already know, every passenger is different so an adjustable seat can go a long way in increasing the safety and comfort of each user.

With its easy, one-person operation, the Evac+Chair 300H requires no additional heavy lifting or difficult maneuvering during an emergency situation. One-person operation is crucial in emergency situations where resources are limited and every second counts. It effortlessly carries the mobility-impaired down hallways and stairwells in a situation where elevators are inoperable or deemed unsafe (as is the case in most emergency situations). This is crucial, as most elevators are deemed unsafe during major emergencies such as a fire or earthquake. The Evac+Chair is also lightweight, wall-mounted and folds up so it will not be in the way when not in use.

An able-bodied person can descend stairs at a normal walking pace at a rate of 2.46 feet per second. An evacuation chair should be able to match this without jeopardizing safety. The Evac+Chair can safely descend two flights of stairs in 15 seconds without blocking the stairs for other users by using the Polymathic v-belt as a friction braking device. This braking device, unlike systems with cable braking, allows for a graduated increase or decrease of speed, similar to what you experience with a bicycle. This is particularly useful when handling patients with severe injuries or pain sensitivities.

• Easy fold-out, two-wheel trolley that allows for flat surface stability
• Polymatic v-belt friction braking device for gradual brakings
• 400 lb carrying capacity
• Cups the body securely with safety straps
• Able to maneuver 4-ft regulation building stairwells with ease
• DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) Compliant
• TUV Certified
• CE Marked
• The EVAC+CHAIR 300H MK4 Evacuation Chair is registered with the MHRA
• Tracked chair with unique self braking system
• Easy to use
• One person operation
• Lightweight
• Dual position seating
• Head, Chest and thigh restraints
• Locking rear wheels
• The EVAC+CHAIR 300H MK4 Evacuation Chair is registered with the MHRA
• DDA Compliant
• TUV Certified
• CE Marked
• 15-year man

• Wall mount and fold-up system
• The lightweight chair is only 19 pounds
• Easy to carry and maneuver in tight or crowded spaces
• Move swiftly down stairwells and hallways in emergency situations
• One-person operability
• Descends stairs at quick rate allowing for minimal delay or crowding
• Intuitive so that anyone can use without prior training
• Gradual increases or decreases in speed
• Ease of transfer due to low, open framework
• Dual position seat in either hammock or flat style allows for comfort adjustments

• Height: 41″
• Depth: 8″
• Width: 20″
• Weight: 19 lbs.
• Construction: Aluminum
• Straps: 2
• Strapping Type: Nylon Web
• Wheel Size: (2) 6″ Front, (2) 2″ Rear
• Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

About MFG
Speed, safety and ease…three big advantages of the EVAC+CHAIR® over strenuous two-man wheelchair carries of the past. Since its invention in 1982, no one need be left behind or forced to attempt the stairs.


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