Extracorporeal lithotripter Duet Magna

“Electromagnetic DSWL
Double Shockwave Lithotripsy

Duet Magna introduces the combination of electromagnetic technology and the double shockwave concept, allowing for some clear and unique advantages in the field of shockwave lithotripsy.
Reducing Kidney Damage

An Indiana University study on Double Shockwave Lithotripsy (performed on the Duet Magna’s predecessor device) showed a 5-fold reduction in kidney damage*. “”The lesion produced by 2400 SWs (1200 SWs/head, power lever 10) at120 SWs/min in alternating mode was quite low (0.22 ±0.09% FRV) and compares favorably with the lesion (1.08 ±0.38% FRV) produced by 2400 SWs delivered with the HM3 Lithotripter at 120 SWs/min (23kV)…”” *Handa et al. Journal of Urology, February 2009″


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