Fetal doppler Sonicaid SR2 & SR3

USD $3,200.00

“Sonicaid Digital Fetal Dopplers SR2 & SR3 – Waterproof Probe

With over 40 years’ experience in fetal monitoring our technological innovations have enabled us to develop a new digital platform for our latest Doppler range. This generation of Doppler combines excellence in probe performance with digital signal processing to provide superb digital audio using our unique Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system and gel filter.

Our latest digital algorithms optimise FHR performance and the high resolution colour display includes new “BIG numbers” & trace display modes. Doppler sound recording, on-screen trace review and playback are just some of the many new features in this state of the art digital Doppler unit.

All models are rechargeable as standard, and can be supplied complete with a medical grade mains charger and cable.

SR2 and SR3
Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with fixed 2MHz or 3MHz waterproof probe models.

These high sensitivity handheld Digital Dopplers are intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart at all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labour. The attached probes are waterproof (IPX7) for high sensitivity FHR detection in both normal use and in waterbirth monitoring.

Choose between 2MHz (SR2) or 3MHz (SR3) fixed probe options. The 2MHz model is a general purpose probe for use at all stages of pregnancy. The 3MHz probe is the probe of choice for many clinicians for use in early gestation.”

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