Gynecology operating table AGA-POWER-MAT

“Further evolution of the AGA-POWER-MAT into MP-1050/5EGYN and MP-3050/5EGYN
The AGA-POWER-MAT was developed further into an even more versatile multi-function table, which is especially well-suited for the field of gynecology. The various configurations and options available are detailed below.

The AGA-POWER-MAT multifunction table is available as MP-1050/5EGYN with the following components included in the listed price :

a cut-out in the pelvic section
split, removable and spreadable leg sections (Article No. MP-BTSA)
the upholstery segments as 40 mm-thick pads with radiolucent support plates (Article No. MP-PAL)
with plastic-coated steel tube frame and a plastic base cover.

The operating table MP-3050/5EGYN includes the same components as MP-1050/5EGYN, and has

a glass-bead blasted stainless steel base frame and cover.

The following accessories are available for MP-1050/5EGYN and MP-3050/5EGYN.

Leg rests (set of two), Göpel-type – Article No. BHG-600
Mounting clamps (set of two), Göpel-type – Article No. BKG-600
Ring-shaped armrests (set of two) – Article No. RL-2060
Stainless steel pan – Article No. VA-30/MP – not retrofittable. The pan measures approx. ca. 250 x 180 x 75 mm.

AGA-POWER-MAT Multi-Function Table – Overview
Height adjustment with low-voltage electric motor with hand switch (foot switch available at extra charge)
Height adjustment range 800 – 1100 mm
Width – 500 mm (560 mm with standard rails)
Length – 1900 mm (headrest 295 mm, backrest 575 mm, seat section 360 mm, leg sections 520 mm)
Maximum load 150 kg
Product weight 110 kg
Frame steel tubing (see Frame Colours)/ stainless steel”


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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