Hand-held ultrasound system MicrUs Pro

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MicrUs pro is an open-architecture, B/W ultrasound diagnostic system powered by USB.
The MicrUs technology is integrated within the USB Probe which can be used on PC, tablet, and smartphone (Windows / Android).
The MicrUs Pro exploits the latest innovations developed by Telemed: Full digital beamformer, Advanced Speckle Reduction, Spatial Compound, WideView Imaging, Raw Data, etc… Telemedicine applications allow remote control of the system for consultation, application training and technical support, including free software updates.
Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows and Android can be provided on request for industry, developers or research teams.
The MicrUs Pro is available in three versions:
MicrUs Pro-L40S Linear probe, 5-12 MHz, 40 mm
MicrUs Pro-L40N Linear probe, 5-12 MHz, 40 mm, high crystal density
MicrUs Pro-C60S Convex probe 2-5 MHz, R60 mm

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