Hip dysplasia orthosis SWASH® GO

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SWASH® GO PELVIC SECTION (Replaces previous SWASH Low Profile) Has an aluminum posterior frame that extends from approximately L2/L3 to S1/S2, with an iliac extension. Recommended Range Of Application: When primary goal is to control scissoring gait and when patient has limited space between the iliac crest and the rib cage. Measurement: At the level of the ASIS. Ideal is to fit the orthosis at mid-pelvic girdle to obtain good pelvic stability. See “Product Options” below for Sizing Guide. Other: A complete SWASH orthosis requires a Pelvic Section, Thigh Cuffs, & Uprights. Please order each item separately. Hip Alignment Benefits The most visible benefits of the SWASH are readily apparent by improvements in sitting, standing, and if ambulatory, walking posture and stability. However, perhaps the most valuable benefit is guidance for proper hip alignment. Without SWASH® With SWASH® Functional benefits of SWASH • Dynamic Function – allows only biomechanically appropriate motion.

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