ICD Rivacor 7 DR-T/VR-T

USD $563.00

Rivacor 7 DR-T/VR-T More Life. Made Simpler Improving treatment and reducing risk for up to 15 years[1] For patients with arrhythmias, ICD therapy can be an essential safety net, where it’s vital to minimize risk and improve quality of life in the long term. This is what the all-new, smaller and simpler Rivacor 7 ICD systems are engineered to do for up to 15 years[9] – optimizing therapy when and where it matters. When used with Home Monitoring technology, AF can be detected earlier[14] and both inappropriate shocks and hospitalization rates can be reduced[19]. And this has been clinically proven. BIOshape. Ultraslim 10mm ICD Rivacor ICDs are small and slim – only 10mm from front to back – with a smooth, elliptical, and body-friendly BIOshape[1].

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