Kidney stone extraction endoscopic basket

“Stone Retrieval Basket
The Stone Retrieval basket is designed to manipulate, grasp and remove calculi and foreign bodies from the urinary tract. Its detachable handle allows the withdrawal and re-entrance of the scope when the basket is situated.

Torque-resistant Nitinol wire basket with round construction facilitating efficient capture and atraumatic manipulation of calculi
Low friction kink-resistant sheath providing smooth endoscopic passage
Available with different designs: tipless designs allowing for closer proximity to stones; Tipped baskets facilitating access to stones in torturous anatomy
Ergonomic handle promoting excellent single-hand control through the procedure
Handles and sheaths can be detached easily and completely when needed
The Nitinol core can be left in place as a guide wire when the basket cannot be released from the stone; the basket can be easily re-assembled once it is removed from the patient”


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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