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The original levering tip laryngoscope blade for difficult intubation, now with over twenty years refinement and experience, guarantees performance you can trust. Available for Diamond ISO ‘Green’, Premier Fibrelight ISO ‘Red’ and Premier Conventional ‘Hook-on’ systems Unique, high quality levering tip Elevation of the epiglottis with less overall movement Lifetime guarantee* All size 1 and 2 blades are Seward style All size 3 and 4 blades are Macintosh style All McCoy blades come in an attractive presentation case CE marked Description *Lifetime Guarantee The McCoy Laryngocope Blade provides the clinician with greater flexibility and improved control in a wide selection of difficult intubation cases, such as: Forward displacement of the larynx Forward or prominent upper teeth Backward displacement of the tongue Decreased neck movement Cervical spine injuries Decreased mouth opening Recessive mandible *Lifetime Guarantee Penlon Laryngoscopes are guaranteed throughout their normal useful life against mechanical failure due to defects in design, materials or workmanship. The guarantee does not apply to lamps, batteries or plastic laryngoscopes. Fibrelight guides are guaranteed against total light failure within a period of five years. However note that after many sterilisations the light output of the fibre bundle may

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