Locoregional hyperthermia system hydrosun®TWH1500

“The hydrosun®-TWH1500, using water-filtered infrared A (wIRA) with a high and most compliant energy input to deeper tissue layers, is the first oncological local hyperthermia device that enables a contact-free supply of energy.

This allows for continous real-time thermographic control an optimal and safe energy input, while achieving an effective heating depth of at least 15mm (>40°C) respectively 20mm (>39.5°C) if maximum skin temperature is set at 42- 43°C.

Thus, the incidence of thermal skin damage (TSD) ≥ grade 2 has been reduced to 0 %
Additionally, the physiological reactions in the treatment area can be observed real-time and analyzed even after the session has ended.

The treatment is most agreeable for the patient.

By using a twin-applicator system, the performance of the hydrosun®-TWH1500 is unaffected by heterogenous body contours and it easily covers large treatment areas for effective hyperthermia of large-sized chest wall recurrence, especially in lymphangiosis carcinomatosa.”


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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