Mechanical microkeratome ONE USE-PLUS SBK

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Excimer laser refractive surgery has evolved a lot since its earlier times. The new tendency is going closer to the Bowman’s membrane. This movement back to the surface began with a huge and recent advanced surface ablation technique: Epi-LASIK, for which Moria was a forerunner.

In this context of continuous movement back to Bowman’s membrane, LASIK surgeons preserve more the integrity of the cornea, providing a higher degree of safety for their patients, with an additional speed of visual recovery. The concept of a thin-flap LASIK was born, called SBK as “Sub Bowman’s Keratomileusis”.
A conventional LASIK flap has a thickness of 120 to 180 microns. With SBK surgery, thinner flaps are obtained: 90 to 110 microns.
This is why Moria, your partner in refractive and corneal surgery, launched a new microkeratome: the One Use-Plus SBK.

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