Non-invasive cardiac output monitor TK-1050

USD $7,500.00

MODULAR HUMAN CARDIAC MONITOR Modular Cardiac Monitor TK-1050 Full Disclosure Retrieves all ECG leads in full resolution and ena LINICAL FEATURES the entire monitoring period. Graphical Trend The trend panel shows graphical trends of up to eight vital signs with up to one minute resolution. Provides a long-term view of changes in the patient’s condition and their clinical direction. Numerical Chart The table of numerical values of vital signs can be displayed in up to one minute resolution, including alarms and events marking. The chart format is user-defined and can be configured to suit the needs of each clinical environment. Arrhythmia Analysis Enables three optional configurations: none, basic or extended arrhythmia alarms. The ECG waveform is analyzed continuously, based on a dual lead QRS detection algorithm. QRS classification is included in the full disclosure files. ST Watch Enables review of ST data as a long-term graphic representation. ST Watch represents changes in the ST trend over time, displays trend presentation of calculated ST parameters and allows morphology comparisons.

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