Panoramic X-ray system X-Radius Compact 3D/2D

FULL DIAGNOSTIC POTENTIAL WITHIN REACH X-Radius Compact combines the latest 2D and 3D imaging technologies with the smallest footprint in its category, a user-friendly software suite and complete with guided procedures to support your diagnostic potential. Excellent clinical performance is ensured despite exposure protocols which safeguard patient health by minimising radiation exposure. PAN TODAY, CEPH TOMORROW A complete 3D/PAN/CEPH solution is available at any time, but to enable a smaller investment initially, X-Radius Compact is easily upgraded after installation from 2D PAN or 3D PAN to either of these, by retrofitting a CEPH arm and cephalometric examination capability. X-Radius Compact brings clinical imaging within reach of dental surgeries wanting to progress step by step to increase their potential. Affordable and practical, the device enables subsequent integration of CEPH imaging capabilities to complement PAN fun­ctions on a 2D or 3D version. The 3D detector rotates automatically to exit the CEPH scan trajectory and, fitted with a collimator shield down one side of the unit, descends sufficiently to provide the necessary collimation for CEPH exams. AN ETHICAL APPROACH TO DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Without altering the high quality of the images obtained, X-Radius Compact makes patient health and safety a priority. First of all, short scan times eliminate unnecessary exposure to radiation in respect of the ALARA principle. Accurate positioning for added comfort, as well as SCOUT VIEWS also ensure first-time satisfactory images and no need to repeat acquisition.


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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