Patella prosthesis GMK sphere

RESURFACING PATELLA Anatomical shape 4 sizes Machined Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE ISO 5834-2) Cemented Three fixation pegs STABILITY FOR LIFE Despite the excellent longevity of total knee arthroplasty, many patients continue to experience functional deficits after surgery. Patient expectations are not as well fulfilled by TKA as by total hip replacement with fewer knee patients achieving a “forgotten joint” replacement. Studies show that around 20% of TKA patients are not satisfied[1, 2, 3]. Excessive A/P motion may result in anterior knee pain and continued swelling. In many P/S designs, the stabilising mechanism only engages after 70-80° of flexion leaving the knee vulnerable to A/P instability during the most commonly encountered functional activities PATIENT SATISFACTION In a study in which patients had a conventional CR or PS in one knee and a medially stabilised device in the other, 76% preferred the knee with the “ball in socket” medial compartment[5]. Patients reported: It feels more normal It is stronger when ascending/descending stairs It has superior single-leg weight bearing


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