Patient chair on casters MEMORY

Comfortable, safe ergonomic chairs. The memory armchair range is particularly recommended for patients with moderate mobility who are not always able to move around independently but whose clinical situation is not particularly serious.
This large, sturdy chair provides great stability and guarantees patient safety at all times. The big castors ensure safe displacement of the patient and safety is also guaranteed while the chair is stationary by the brakes which are fitted to each castor.
The brakes are an important feature of this chair which was designed to promote early mobilisation. Correct use of the brakes avoids the risk of falls during independent patient movement. The ability to lower the armrest to seat height is of great importance.
Patients with reduced mobility in the lower limbs can transfer themselves autonomously from the bed to the armchair and vice versa without hitting the armrest, as long as the bed is at a minimum height equal to the height of the seat. In an emergency the nurse can easily transfer the patient onto the bed or the stretcher to begin CPR procedures.


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