Pediatric breathing circuit Divisiθ®

Divisiθ® Bilumen Circuit

The Divisiθ Bilumen circuit incorporates a smooth, bilumen, inner wall design, which improves internal flow and breathing resistance.
As a result, there is no need for large diameter multiple tubing, which is why the Divisiθ Bilumen circuit has been designed as a single, small low volume tube

Ideal for both Large Adults to Paediatrics/Infants
Ideal for Low/Ultra Low Flow Anaesthesia
Lighter, smaller and creates a less cluttered work area
Helps reduce Patient Core Body temperature loss
Guaranteed quality through 100% leak testing

Divisiθ Bilumen IGS Circuit

The Divisiθ Bilumen circuit with integrated anaesthetic gas sampling line running through the circuit, offers significant advantages over separate sampling line.

Improved gas sampling response with low respiratory patients
More efficient workflow – no need to transfer CO2 Line for each new patient
Greatly reduces the risk of pinching/occluding the gas sampling line


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