Protective coverall SupraCoverall Pc Type 3b 4b

Pc Type 3b 4b

This coverall is intended to use for general protection.

It is produced using PP material with breathable PE film laminated.

Complies with EN14126 standard for protection against biological and infectious substances, has been tested and approved.

It includes CE approved Type 5 protection level for dust and splashes that may pose hazards.

Its compliance with EN 1073- 2:2002 standard for radioactive and nuclear protection has been tested and approved.

Its compliance with EN 1149- 5:2008 standard for antistatic protection has been tested and approved.

EN 14126 / EN 13982-1 / EN 13034 / N 1149 / EN 1073- 2 / N1149-1 / N 1149- 5 /93/42/EEC – 89/868/EEC


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