Radiation therapy immobilizer Olympic Circumstraint™

“First introduced in 1959, the Olympic Circumstraint device has been purchased by over 11,000 hospitals throughout the world. The compact Circumstraint unit, always a fast, easy means of immobilizing newborns for circumcision, fits inside a standard incubator or bassinet and is useful for a variety of procedures. The Circumstraint unit may be used for minor surgery, blood exchanges, catheterization, transfusions or infusions (including scalp IV’s), or whenever immobilization is required for a neonatal procedure. It also works very well for x-rays, as it is radiolucent and holds the infant very securely with minimal movement.

Versatile and easy-to-use

Comfortable molded shape elevates hips and presents genitalia for procedure
Perfect for x-rays — minimizes movement, no artifact
Molded head contour exposes scalp for IVs
Comfortable, adjustable straps securely hold infant at elbows and knees
Durable plastic construction ensures years of use
Lightweight & compact design enables easy handling, storing & cleaning”


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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