Radiation therapy QA system IMAGIN

Digital Radiotherapy Simulator with CBCT
Advanced imaging modalities combined with innovative software features make Imagin the ideal device for simulation and verification of treatment plans prior to treatment. Imagin acts as an essential tool for every radiotherapy center by providing simulation solution for both linear accelerators and cobalt units with its variable SAD of 80-100 cm.

The highly advanced digital unit with DICOM compatibility allows seamless communication and transfer of data between all devices at a center. The user friendly and intuitive workflow aids in reducing the time for simulation for each patient and improve the quality of the procedure. The indexing on the carbon fiber couch allows simulation to be replicated on the treatment machine.

The high quality flat panel detector allows high quality images to be acquired for simulation process. The flat panel detector is capable of fluoroscopy and acquiring digital radiographs for visualizing the internal organs. The seamless integration of hardware with advanced software features allow CBCT to be acquired in one complete rotation of the gantry.

All the motions in the main unit and the carbon fiber couch are fully motorized ensuring faster patient positioning, and no unnecessary burden on the operator. Advanced software tools for image processing, annotations, contouring etc. along with a user-friendly UI assist in accurate planning.

IMAGIN Benefits
Variable SAD of 80 to 100cm
Indexed carbon fiber couch identical to therapy units
DICOM compatible
Flat panel detector for high resolution images”


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