Radiography system MILLENNIUM

The radiographic system MILLENNIUM is an integrated system for all conventional radiographic applications in combination with a High Frequency Generator, Radiographic Table, and Wall Bucky with manual positioning. The system has been designed focusing on flexibility and friendly use. It can also be configured depending on your exact clinical requirements, including: chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography (optional) studies. LARGE PATIENT POSITIONING RANGEThe “floating” table-top has a very largerange of longitudinal and transversal move-ments. By pressing the foot switches, theelectromagnetic brakes are released for alldirections.All radiographic accessories (lateral cassetteholder, compression band, etc.) can bequickly and safely attached to the table top. FAST AND SAFE PATIENT POSITIONINGThe minimum height of the elevating table allowseasy and fast positioning on table-top for any kindof patient: child, elderly or handicapped.By pressing one button, the operator can locklateral and longitudinal table – top motion – a lightwill alert the user that the movement is locked.A safety anticollision system during downwardmovement of the table avoids accidents when anobject is encountered in its path. TOMOGRAPHY FEATURE (optional)With the tomography version and adjustableheight table top it is possible to make highquality linear tomographic exposures.To switch over to tomography, the couplingdevice on the tube carrier arm has to beattached to the connecting rod on thetomography unit.


Note: Dear customer, we inform you that the delivery time is 30 to 45 days and the availability of the quoted items depend on their manufacturer.

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