Remote-controlled ophthalmic chart projector CP-40

USD $3,765.00

A Long-life LED Chart Projector

The light source changed from a conventional electric bulb type to an LED type which decreases CO2 emissions and also reduces electrical power consumption.

The LED replacement is virtually never needed.

Now with Log MAR charts, a wider range of test charts are available.
Vertical, horizontal, and single-character masks are available.
Or, it can be fully open.
Visual acuity values are displayed in the test frame.
Charts can be changed either with the chart buttons or the arrow buttons on the controller.
Chart units are sealed and dust-tight, and can be replaced with other units.
With the friction method, the angle of the main unit can be adjusted vertically and horizontally (tilting up and down, and swinging left
and right).
The controller offers ergonomically aligned buttons.

Projecting distance – 2.9 – 6.1m
Projection size – 240(W) x 216(H) mm Ø240mm
(when using at a distance of 5m)

Rotating speed of
chart disk – 0.1 sec / frame, within 0.7 sec. Maximum
Rotating speed of
mask disk – 0.1 sec / frame
Program provided – 2 kinds with 31 steps each
Main bulb used – LED
Power Saving – Automatically power off 10 minutes after use
Control – Infrared wireless remote control
Power source – AC100V-AC240V 50/60Hz
Mounts available – Table type, Wall type
Tilting function – Tilts up and down / left and right
Weight – 4.1kg

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