Retinal photocoagulation laser VITRA 810

USD $789.33

810nm Glaucoma and Retina laser platform
For Subcyclo, ThermoCyclo, Photocoagulation and TTT

Vitra 810 is an intuitive and versatile laser simplifying glaucoma and retina treatments.
Built in a clinically oriented manner, Supra 810 features the SubLiminal technology and offers 4 different software guided treatment procedures: SubCyclo, ThermoCyclo, Photocoagulation and TTT.

SubLiminal Technology:
Composed of a train of extremely short microsecond pulses of which the duration and the intervals are fully adjustable, this subthreshold treatment mode allows a precise management of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues.

Subcyclo procedure:
Based on the transscleral cyclophotocoagulation principle, the SubCyclo procedure relies on the 810 SubLiminal laser stimulation of the ciliary body, producing the aqueous humor, and of the uveoscleral pathway, secondary route of the aqueous outflow.

Main characteristics:
-Infrared 810nm wavelength
-Power at tissue up to: 3W
-SubLiminal emission mode
-4 treatment modes: SubCyclo and ThermoCyclo for glaucoma treatment; Photocoagulation and TTT for retina treatment.

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