Surgical camera CuratOR® SC430-PTR

USD $4,783.22

“Ultra-High Definition, medical-grade camera system with fully integrated triaxial mount for capturing surgical proceedings.

4K ultra high definition resolution at 60p
30x optical zoom for clear, close-up images
Integrated triaxial camera mount with pan, tilt, and roll
Intuitive camera movement for simple operation
Single cable connection between camera head and CCU
Smooth positioning even under high zoom
Attach to ceiling arms for obstruction-free video

4K Ultra-High Definition Resolution
The surgical field camera captures images in 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) with a progressive 60 Hz signal for smooth, high definition images of the surgical site.

Zoom into Narrow Target Areas in Detail
The camera lens has up to 30x optical zoom, allowing the camera to easily zoom into small target areas. Even when positioned at a safe distance, the camera can clearly zoom into and capture narrow surgical sites in detail.

Smooth Positioning at High Zoom
With unique and intelligent stepping technology, as the camera zooms in, the pan, tilt, and roll movements slow down to prevent the field of view from moving too quickly. With easily controllable movements, even under high zoom, preparation for surgery is made quicker and easier.

Fully Integrated Camera Mount
The camera head comes fully integrated on a camera mount with +/-170 degrees pan, +90 to -30 degrees tilt, and +/-165 degrees roll to ensure that the field of view can be adjusted to the ideal location with ease.

Intuitive Panning and Tilting Direction
The camera head is integrated with the camera mount, allowing left and right, and up and down movements to remain parallel to the field of view, even after rolling.”


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