Upper limb cosmetic prosthesis cover MyolinoSkin Natural

The 8S20N MyoSkin Natural Glove for Children has a multi-layered design providing depth and a very vivid, natural appearance. Robust and easy to clean, the glove protects the prosthesis from dust, dirt and moisture.

MyoSkin Natural Gloves are especially designed for Myobock hands
Multilayered structure provides natural appearance and resilient prosthetic covering
Dirt can be removed with water and soap, while tough stains can be cleaned with the 640F12 Ottobock Special Cleaner
Manufactured in seven colors (2,4,6,8,11,14,16); Use 646M47 color scale for selection
Multi-Layered PVC provides depth effect for vivid, natural appearance
Outer translucent layer allows colored fibers to shine through producing luminous quality
Treated with a special surface treatment for easy clean-up
Nail polish can be applied and reapplied to the finger nails and removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.
►Please read this document carefully before using the product.
►Follow the safety instructions to avoid injuries and damage to the product.
►Have yourself instructed by qualified personnel in the proper and safe use of the product.
►Please keep this document in a safe place.
The prosthetic glove is used as a protective glove for a prosthetic hand.
Thanks to the exterior coating, the Skin Natural is less susceptible to dirt and easier to clean than standard prosthetic gloves.
The multilayered PVC material is characterised by good robustness and durability.
Its appearance is based on a real hand in order to achieve a high degree of naturalness.


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