Vibrating mesh nebulizer KIWI

USD $241.00

KIWI is an aerosol delivery system operating by means of MESH technology joining the best features of compressor and ultrasonic systems in the same unit. In fact, KIWI combines the rapidity and efficacy of a compressor system with the quietness and versatility -power or battery feeding-, of an ultrasonic system. It’s the ideal device for both adults and children, in home-care or emergencies at the open air. The medication chamber is made in polyethersulfone (PESU), innovating material guaranteeing high resistance to shocks and full sterilization in autoclave, whereas the MESH disc is made in Nickel-Palladium (Ni-Pd) to provide durability and efficacy in the long term. The residual volume -medication that cannot be nebulized-, has been minimized to less than 0,1 ml with an innovating design of the chamber, increasing thus the therapy efficacy. The alkaline batteries provide over two hours autonomy, the longest available in the marketplace.

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