Wall-mounted MRI metal detector Ferroguard Guardian

USD $3,421.00

Confidence your FMD will do its job, when it really matters Ferroguard Guardian is always on, always detecting. With other FMDs, design-limitation detection gaps may allow significant risk items to pass undetected into Zone 4. With Ferroguard Guardian there will be no sensor activation delays on door opening, no slow-reset delay following an alert. Always on, always detecting, always ready for those few seconds when your safety depends on it. Always detecting BEFORE, not BEYOND the door Ferroguard Guardian is always mounted in Zone 3, even with outswing magnet room doors. An FMD mounted inside Zone 4 is simply too late to meet ACR guidance to use FMDs for screening persons and devices approaching Zone 4, and too late to prevent risks becoming accidents. Only Ferroguard products provide visual early warning in more than name only. Superior sensors provide detection “reach” in advance of the threshold; while the clear, eye-level traffic-light display gets the message across simply and effectively.


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